Feed your entire landscape automatically


Our EZ-FLO fertigation main line systems are installed after the backflow prevention device and normally before the irrigation zone valves to allow the unit to feed all irrigation zones. A typical installation is shown here:

In this configuration, when an irrigation zone valve is turned on, the EZ-FLO fertigation unit automatically adjusts to pressure and flow and precisely meters out the appropriate fertilizer based on the water volume flowing into that zone. 

Easy to Hide

EZ-FLO Fertigation Systems can be installed aboveground, underground or hidden under decorative rocks. 

We manufacture custom tanks with capacities specific to your Landscape. 

Custom Installation

What we consider before installation:

  • What is the composition of the landscape materials? Turf uses more irrigation water than a dense ground cover or shrubs with deeper root masses. 
  • What products are you interested in applying through your irrigation system? Some products have higher application rates than others. 
  • How often do you want to refill? 

In the end, this last point is the one that is the ultimate determining factor. If you want to refill less frequently, simply go up in size. If you do not mind refilling more often, then you can get by with a smaller size than what would be recommended. The following table identifies a typical landscape configuration and sizes that can be served with each EZ-FLO main line model along with other sizing information.

EZ-FLO is the fastest and easiest way to have a beautiful landscape and a healthy garden.

One Step Application Saves Time 

Fertilize the lawn, flowers, trees and vegetable garden all at one time, in one easy step. You no longer need to use multiple applicators for each area which saves you time and money. 

Multiple products can be combined and applied all at one time. 

Easy to Use 

Just fill the tank with fully concentrated products - no mixing required. 

Set the feed rate - Slow for constant feeding in small amounts every time you water or Fast to manually feed in minutes. This saves hours compared to traditional methods. 

Apply automatically through a hose end sprinkler or drip system or apply manually through a hose end sprayer. 

EZ-FLO Advantage

  • Patented technology - EZ-FLO is the only feeder that can accurately meter water soluble fertilizers so all plants get fed consistently and evenly. Other feeders continually dilute the fertilizer creating uneven feeding. 
  • Better results - everything you grow will be healthier and more disease and insect resistant.
  • High capacity - feed the entire landscape without refilling. Other applicators can require refilling ten times more often.
  • No more heavy bags use 80% to 90% less fertilizer with EZ-FLO due to more efficient nutrient absorption. So 5 pounds of fertilizer with EZ-FLO can equal 50 pounds of dry fertilizer.
  • More product choices - EZ-FLO can apply any liquid or water soluble product as well as organic
  • Green Solution for Lawn and Garden Care 
  • Virtually eliminates exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Saves water by building a stronger & healthier plant root structure
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for herbicides and pesticides
  • Reduces carbon footprint - uses up to 90% less fertilizer
  • Dispenses natural and organic products
  • Virtually eliminates toxic run-off and leaching

Superior Results!

Enjoy the Greenest Lawn in the Neighborhood. EZ-FLO's patented technology feeds more accurately and efficiently creating better nutrient uptake resulting in healthier plants. 

Most fertilizer sprayers don't apply products evenly so some plants and lawn areas get too

much fertilizer while others don't get enough. When plants and lawns are fed correctly they are healthier and naturally more resistant to insects and disease. All liquid and water soluble lawn and garden products work more effectively when they are applied with an EZ-FLO system.

Organically Balanced Fertilizers and Controls

EZ-GRO water soluble fertilizers are a unique blend of highly concentrated plant nutrients,

organic bio-stimulants, and beneficial micro-biology. This unparalleled formulation provides astonishing results without any complicated mixing and measuring. 


Save Water. Save Time. Save Plants.

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FAQs About EZ-Flo Automatic Fertilization

Q. How does EZ-Flo help save water?

A. The up to 50% reduction claims come from laboratory experiments. The water reduction you will see will be determined by your soil types. Some soils will hold more water and some will hold less. A plant can be a wick or a sponge. When the plant is too dry, the microorganisms catch water as the plant exhales through the root system – turning it into a sponge. When there is too much water the microorganisms move water away from roots so the plant can breathe. Rarely do we see just the right amount of water. Usually we have too much or too little. EZ-Flo helps the plant in either situation. 

Q. How does EZ-Flo prevent run off?

A. The microorganisms take the chemicals in fertilizer and use them to build plant mass as well as increase their own populations. The microorganisms take Nitrogen and make protein. They take Phosphorus and make Adenosine triphosphate. And, they take Potassium and make electrolytes. When the chemicals are used in this matter, they are bound in the plants and the microorganisms and do not run off into water. 

Q. How does EZ-Flo benefit the soil?

A. Soil is often depleted of microorganisms by excessive use of pesticides, herbicides and overuse of fertilizer. Tilling the soil and harvesting further depletes populations. Therefore, it is necessary to return microorganisms to soils, thus restoring balance. EZ-Flo helps hold soil particles together, retain water and retain nutrients. 

Q. How does EZ-Flo produce healthier plants?

A. Plant food is sugar, not fertilizer. The use light from the sun and carbon from the air to make sugar. Plants then consume this sugar and use it to grow and stay healthy. Plants also make their own sugar to grow, but the microorganisms make sugar more than 10 times faster than the plants. Therefore, the plants do not have to work as hard to grow and stay healthy.

Natural Products

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