Pressure Washing and Stain Removal

Are you tired of the unsightly stains and dirt that accumulate on the exterior surfaces of your home or business? Look no further! We specialize in professional pressure washing and stain removal services specifically designed for Florida homes and businesses. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can transform your property, making it look as good as new.

Why Choose Pressure Washing?

Living in Florida means dealing with a unique set of challenges when it comes to maintaining the appearance of your property. The hot and humid climate, combined with frequent rain showers and high levels of humidity, creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, algae, and other stubborn stains. Over time, these contaminants can take a toll on your property's aesthetics and even compromise its structural integrity.

Pressure washing is the most effective and efficient solution to combat these issues. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes powerful pressure washers that can remove years of grime, dirt, and stains from a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Siding and Stucco: Our specialized techniques can restore the vibrancy of your home or business's exterior, giving it a fresh and appealing look.
  • Driveways and Walkways: We can eliminate oil stains, tire marks, algae growth, and other blemishes, making your pathways safe and visually appealing.
  • Patios and Decks: Our pressure washing services can rejuvenate your outdoor living spaces, removing dirt, mold, mildew, and discoloration, allowing you to enjoy them to the fullest.
  • Roofs and Gutters: Regular maintenance of your roof and gutters is crucial to prevent water damage and prolong their lifespan. Our gentle yet effective pressure washing techniques ensure a thorough clean without causing any damage.
  • Fences and Wall: We can remove years of stains and debris using a variety of pressure washing techniques.
  • Docks and Seawalls: Keep your waterfront property looking as good as possible with regular pressure washing of your dock and seawall.

Stain Removal Experts

In addition to pressure washing, we are stain removal experts. Florida's unique environment presents challenges such as rust stains from irrigation systems, hard water stains, oil stains from vehicles, and more. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and specialized products to tackle even the toughest stains, restoring your surfaces to their original beauty.

Rust Stain Removal


  • Remove Rust Stains
  • Prevent Stains from Returning
  • Neutralize Iron
  • Safe for all Surfaces
  • Safe for Environment

Stain Prevention

Rust Away Stain Preventer will prevent your well water from staining driveways, walkways, fences, and walls. Irrigation rust stains are unsightly. Why not remove them before they happen. Rust Away Stain Preventer is designed to work in any pH or hardness and save you money and effort by neutralizing the iron in well water and preventing stains from appearing. 

Both products, Rust Away Stain Remover and Rust Away Stain Preventer are safe on all surfaces and will not kill grass or plant material.


We are sure you have better ways to spend your time and money than battling stains caused by iron in your irrigation water. We have the products and experience in the treatment of Florida water to keep rust stains from depreciating the value of your property. 

Benefits of Our Services

  1. Enhanced Curb Appeal: A clean and well-maintained exterior significantly enhances the curb appeal of your property. Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, a fresh and inviting appearance creates a positive impression on visitors and potential buyers.
  2. Increased Property Value: Regular pressure washing and stain removal not only improve the aesthetics but also protect your property's value. By removing contaminants and preventing damage, you can extend the lifespan of your surfaces and avoid costly repairs or replacements.
  3. Health and Safety: Mildew, algae, and other contaminants not only look unsightly but can also pose health risks. Our thorough cleaning services eliminate these potential hazards, promoting a healthier environment for you, your family, or your employees.
  4. Eco-Friendly Approach: We understand the importance of preserving Florida's unique ecosystem. Our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly, ensuring that our services are safe for your property and the surrounding environment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in pressure washing and stain removal. We stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and industry standards to deliver exceptional results.
  • Quality Equipment: We invest in top-of-the-line equipment and tools to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning. Our equipment, combined with our expertise, allows us to tackle even the most challenging stains and surfaces.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that each property is unique. That's why we provide personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring maximum satisfaction.
  • Excellent Customer Service: We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service. From the moment you contact us to the completion of the project, we prioritize clear communication, prompt responses, and a friendly approach. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Contact Us Today! 

If you're ready to restore the beauty of your Florida home or business, contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. Our team of experts will assess your needs, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a detailed plan of action. 


Don't let stains and dirt diminish the appeal of your property. Trust the professionals at St Pete Complete to revitalize your surfaces and give them a fresh, renewed look. We are your trusted partner in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your Florida property.

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