St. Pete Complete takes care of your landscape the way it deserves: with the highest quality, all natural products. Our products are perfect for ensuring your plant receives the nutrients it needs or to remove stains from stone surfaces without damaging your plants.

Feed your entire landscape automatically


Our EZ-FLO fertigation main line systems are installed after the backflow prevention device and normally before the irrigation zone valves to allow the unit to feed all irrigation zones. A typical installation is shown here:

Organic Biological Soil Conditioner

Reduces Fertilizer Use (up to 90%) 

Save Water. Save Time. Save Plants. 

Landscape Health Care

Bio-Magic is a 100% Organic Complex of Beneficial 

  • Reduces Watering by up to 50%
  • Reduces Fertilizer usage by up to 75%

All Natural Organic Fertilizer

For Plant Health and Stress Relief 

Save Water. Save Time. Save Plants. 


Throughout history, Seaweed has been used in growing crops. It contains literally every nutrient known to man. Our NutriMagic is formulated using cold-water North Atlantic Ocean variety and thus providing for maximum nutrition. Our seaweed formula contains the most studied type of Seaweed, known as ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM.

Lawn and Plant Survival Aid

AquaMagic Cuts Watering by 50%

All Natural / Biodegradable Water Management

AquaMagic is a unique blend of hygroscopic and humectant components that attract and hold moisture like tiny “water magnets” within the soil of plant roots.


RustAway Stain Remover and Preventer

  • Remove Rust Stains
  • Prevent Stains from Returning
  • Neutralize Iron
  • Safe for all Surfaces
  • Safe for Environment

Natural Products

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